National Edition, Final

For Immediate Release

Chippens to host seventh annual NCAA Tournament Challenge

The Chippens staff would like to inform you that you can now make your picks in our seventh 

annual NCAA Tournament Challenge by going to chippens.com and following the easy

instructions you see there. Entry is totally free and no password is required. Prizes to the winners.

We at Chippens like to say that if you wouldn't buy wine at Wal-Mart for that special occasion (at 

least go to Jewel-Osco, come on), don't make Facebook the only place where you fill out a bracket 

this year. Get all the instant updates and stats you've come to enjoy from those mass media outlets 

while still enjoying the authentic, classy, and memorable experience only Chippens can provide.

By competing in the 2007 Challenge, you will not be one of the six billion plus people who will be 

affected this year by Chippens Deficiency Syndrome (CDS), a crippling disease that affects both 

body and mind. Symptoms include the deadly mix of delusions of grandeur, narcissism, and the 

irresistible compulsion to always make the worst possible decision, often repeatedly. In severe 

cases you may also turn into a hairless water buffalo. Advanced stages of CDS can be seen in

celebrities like Britney Spears and Dick Cheney.

The Chippens Outreach Program has saved thousands of people to date from CDS, but we need 

your help. Encourage your friends, family, and coworkers to sign up for the 2007 Challenge.

To make your picks and for a preview of this year's Challenge, just go to http://www.chippens.com. 

While you're there, check out the Chippens Online Store. Business has been booming for us under 

the resurgent Bush economy (total three year sales of $0, plus no tax on dividends). Don't be the 

last on your block to be seen jogging with your dog in matching Chippens exercise outfits!

Thanks and good luck!

The Chippens Team