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-Day 5 Recap-

 Domestic Disturbance

We have a bit of a "domestic disturbance" at the top of the Chippens leader board with husband and wife pair Charles and Leta Corwin battling it out for first place. Momma Mia regained the top spot yesterday by correctly picking the day's two upsets--Missouri and Villanova--which gave her 14 big points and knocked poor Senor Wences down to 2nd. Other big gainers that also correctly picked those two games were JT, Meggie, Vitale, and Jungle Cat. The rhapsodical Vitale, aka Mike Theune, was the biggest beneficiary of the upsets, climbing 34 spots all the way to 12th place. Anyone interested in poetic turns should check out his new blog, Structure & Surprise.

Player Scenarios have also been updated (I just realized that they haven't been up the past few hours--they are now!), and while some people took a big hit yesterday, 35 still remain in the running for 1st place. We're down to just over 2,000 scenarios remaining.