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Day One

No one survived the first day of games without suffering at least one loss, but four players managed to miss just one: tao, literustyfan, Snoop, and J Dub. J Dub was the runner-up in 2001, and he was also the 2002 champion. He has been trying to get back to the top ever since. He’s one of only a handful of people who have participated every year. Could this be the year he reclaims the title?

Tao, the ever-dangerous Garrett Davey, has also staked an early claim at the championship. In an uncharacteristic move, he’s picked Kansas to only advance to the Elite 8. In each of the past four years he’s picked them to win it all. Last year, it paid off. We’ll see if his sudden lapse of faith helps or hurts this year.

Lurking closely behind the top four are three players who also have 18 points (ties are broken by pick percentage): ?, AIG CEO, and, ahem, Man of Achievement.

AIG CEO is veteran player Bill Snider from Cadillac, Michigan. He’s only finished out of the top 21 one time since 2005, with a 12th place showing in 2007 when he went by the name All-Knowing. He’s due for a top finish.

The self-proclaimed 2009 Chippens NCAA Challenge Champion had a rough start to the day’s games, but then he strung together 13 straight victories. Now he’s just one point behind the leaders.

? and Infamous are the only two Chippens first timers in the top 14.

A surprising 22 people picked Western Kentucky to upset Illinois, which was correctly predicted by Brandon Christol (Foregone Conclusion) in his special commentary for Chippens on Wednesday. Only four players, though, have the Big Red advancing to the Sweet 16: AIG CEO, G, jvandellen, and Mr. Smith.