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 -Day 3 Recap-

The Defending Champ is Back on Top

The top of the Chippens leader board is a world of intrigue. Three players are tied at the top points-wise with 56: mStump, Momma Mia, and the_raj. Stumper is technically winning right now based on the second tie-breaker (teams in the Sweet 16), and Momma Mia is in second over the_raj based on the first tie-breaker, which is pick percentage.

Stumper is the defending champion, and he is trying to become the first player ever to win The Challenge twice. Meanwhile, Momma Mia will try to hold off her son-in-law, the_raj, and her husband, Senor Wences, who yesterday climbed 20 spots into a tie for 9th place and is the only player in the top 10 (and possibly the entire field) with each one of his Sweet 16 teams still in the tournament. If he runs the table today, he could be tough to beat.

Another player to look out for is former champ PJ, who is currently only one point behind the leaders.

Literustyfan is also near the top; he and Senor Wences will be paying close attention to the Cleveland State/Arizona game today because they are two of only nine players to have Arizona in the Sweet 16. If Arizona wins, both players could separate themselves from the field. Only one player, Tuckersmom, has Cleveland State winning today.

Foregone Conclusion continues his roller coaster ride, climbing 30 spots yesterday to get himself back in contention. He’s one point ahead of his former roommate, BC, better known as Beth “Crowdaddy” Crowley, who is in a tie for 25th place. Foregone’s current roommate, Spyder, is sitting pretty in seventh place after climbing 19 places.  

After today’s games conclude I will calculate Player Scenarios, which will tell you your best and worst possible place as well as which teams to root for. Player Scenarios take a while to calculate (like a couple hours), so check back even after the current standings are posted tonight. Once the games finish tonight, I’ll post all the regular reports and then go back and calculate Player Scenarios, posting them either late tonight or early tomorrow morning.