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We’re down to the Final Four…teams and players. Along with Michigan State, UConn, North Carolina, and Villanova, Chippens competitors Blizzard T. Husky (Nicholas A. Schultz), JT (Justin Thompson), and the rhapsodic Vitale (Mike Theune) still have a chance to win it all. JT, Vitale, and Husky can also break the all-time record for points set in 2007 by Tyler Neal. Meg and Vitale are each trying to become the first Chippens rookie to ever win the title. Husky has a chance to cement his legacy as a Chippens powerhouse (the MTU alum finished 2nd in 2006). JT can be the first player to ever break 200 points.

Each game will bear consequences for one of the remaining players. If UConn beats MSU, both JT and Husky can no longer win. If MSU wins, Meg and Vitale are out.
With an MSU win, Husky will win it all if MSU then beats North Carolina in the finals, edging Bone by just one point. If MSU and Villanova both win today, then JT wins no matter what.

As stated, both Meg and Vitale will be rooting for a UConn win. For each player, the UNC-Villanova game doesn’t matter. As long as UConn wins the title, Meg will win. If either UNC or Villanova beats UConn in the final, then Vitale wins.

Figuring this all out would be good preparation for one of those logic games on the LSAT.

So how do today’s games matter to you? Well, a LOT of players are still in the running for one of the top three spots. If you want to see how you’ll finish based on all eight possible results of the Final Four, just check out Tournament Scenarios, which I posted last Sunday. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you’ll be able to click through the eight remaining outcomes.  

Sadly, the remaining games no longer matter for 2009 Chippens NCAA Challenge Champion and Chez, who have locked up 71st and 72nd place, respectively. Everyone else has something at stake.