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Day Four Recap & Player Scenarios

Congratulations to the mighty Myszka, who gets to enjoy at least the start of his week atop the standings. Myszka got a boost from the Michigan State, Cornell, and Purdue wins. He has a make-or-break game next week when the Boilermakers take on Duke. He’s one of only six players who has Purdue advancing to the Elite Eight.

Another key game next week for a few people at the top is the Michigan State/Northern Iowa matchup. Gelatin (Jeff Brillhart) and Jeffrey T (Jeff Marlin)—both in the top ten—will be rooting for a Spartan victory along with BrutalBrutis (currently third in possible points) and Chez.

And don’t look now, but Blizzard T. Husky (Nicholas A. Schultz), last year’s champion, has slowly been emerging from his snow bank over the last two days, and he’s now primed to make a run. He’s currently just three points behind Myszka in possible points, and his Final Four of Ohio State, Syracuse, Kentucky, and Duke looks pretty good right now.

And, as predicted, another arctic mammal, polar bear, is making a strong case with the same Final Four teams as Husky. A Duke/Syracuse final could result in a Schultz vs. DeHaan showdown the likes of which hasn't been seen in almost 10 years. 

Now let’s get back to Chez… Remember her? She was the only player to pick Ohio over Georgetown…and she was also the only player to pick Notre Dame to go all the way.

Well, believe it or not, according to a new report I just posted called Player Scenarios, Chez still has a chance to win the tournament.

Player Scenarios tells you your best and worst possible finish as well as which teams to root for. (If you picked Kansas to go all the way, chances are you’re now a Northern Iowa fan).

According to Player Scenarios, 36 players still have a chance to win first place, and 57 players still have a shot at finishing in the top three to win a prize. Check out the report to see if you’re one of them.   

Finally, a belated congrats to Erich Kahner (Chip Corwin is a tyrant.) for being the only player to pick St. Mary’s over Villanova. Erich is currently neck-deep in wedding planning, so I can see why he’d be trying to curry favor with St. Mary.