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Day One Recap & Day Two Preview

Congratulations to Alicia Kellogg (BrutalBrutis) and Aaron Atchison (Double A-ron)  for emerging in first place after the first day of competition. Right there with them is Charles D. Corwin (Senor Wences), also with 19 points, who is currently in third place after the tie-breaker based on pick percentage.


Wences correctly picked six of the day’s seven upsets, while Brutis and A-ron each picked up five of the seven.


The trio’s lead right now is still slim. Stumper and Tara Peterson are close behind with seventeen, and former champ Angela Corwin (WHAC) has 16 points.


A couple of well-educated pickers also have 16 points going into day two, Brian Brennan (PhD, Michigan) and Jennifer Darrell (M.A., University of Chicago, PhD, Yale). We’ll see if their academic prowess translates to bracket success.


Chez (Michelle Reichenbacher) spent most of the day in last place, but she received a second wind when Ohio stunned Georgetown. Chez was the only player to pick Ohio. However, she is also the only player to pick Notre Dame as the champion, so she’ll have to hope for a few more upsets to go her way today.


Looking forward to today’s game, it looks like the game with the biggest implications on the standings will be Oklahoma State versus Georgia Tech. Thirty-seven players picked OSU and 36 players have GT. You can see how many and which players picked every team by going to Tournament Results and clicking the little pencil icons next to each game. It is a very useful way to figure out which games are the most meaningful.