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Day Two Recap

Senor Wences, affectionately known as “hey pool boy, come push my tube in the lazy river” to all the blue-haired New York & Boston women at the Aruba Marriott, where he is currently holed up until Mr. Marriott evicts him for lack of funds, somehow managed to take over first place in the standings yesterday.

However, his stay at the top might be short-lived, for he did suffer a devastating blow when the Temple Owls—who he has in his Final Four—lost their first-round game to the mighty Cornell Big Red. Wences was a bit sour after Temple’s no-show, as evidenced by this e-mail I received shortly thereafter: “I went postal in the lazy river, overturning everyone’s tube/floating king size mattress,” he wrote. “Temple killed me.”

Although Wences’s day was somewhat bitter-sweet, for others the day was all sugar. The Dominator (Valerie Corwin) rose 24 spots in the standings into a tie for 6th place with five others, includingGarrett Davey (brooklyn bracket), who has expressed a strong desire for this year’s Grand Prize t-shirt.

Perhaps the player with the most going for him right now is Bone (Eric Sturgeon), who only missed one game yesterday. He rose 27 spots to 13th place, and I believe he is the only player who still has all of his Sweet 16 teams still alive. Bone finished second in last year’s tournament.