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There are four players who still have a chance to win this year’s tournament, and each has an equal chance to do so. There are three games and eight possible outcomes remaining, and of those eight outcomes, Jeff Marlin, Angela Penney, Mike Stump, and Alicia Kellogg each lay claim to two victory scenarios. To see how you will finish based on each of the eight scenarios, check out the new report I published, Tournament Scenarios (at the bottom of the page, you can scroll through each scenario).

Though only four players can still win, many more still have a chance for prizes. Additionally, since Charlemagne (me) is having a banner year and could finish as high as second place, an additional player could win a prize. The Dominator has informed that I cannot win a prize in my own tournament (and, trust me, you listen to someone who calls herself The Dominator), so if you are close to the top, pay attention to where Charlemagne finishes.

Now, a few words about each potential victor:

Jeff Marlin (Jeffrey T), from Highland, Michigan, has piggy-backed on the success of the Michigan State Spartans to make it to the Chippens version of the Final Four, but he needs the Spartans to keep winning to stay in contention. He will win the tournament if Michigan State beats either West Virginia or Duke. This is Marlin’s second year in the Chippens NCAA Tournament Challenge. Last year, he finished 28th in his rookie campaign.

Alicia Kellogg (BrutalBrutis), of Lansing, Michigan, has also benefited from MSU’s tournament run. However, from now on, she needs to root for Duke. As Duke goes, so goes Brutis. Kellogg has competed in five of the last six Chippens tournaments. Her highest finish was 6th in 2005, and she currently ranks 10th on the All-Time Average Place list. She’s also an expert at making tie-dye t-shirts, toilet-paper torches, and very scary masks.

Mike Stump (mstump), of Kalamazoo, Michigan, is one of two former champions vying to become the first-ever two-time Chippens Challenge champion. Stumper needs West Virginia to win the championship if he is to win as well. This is Stumper’s sixth-consecutive appearance in the tournament, and he’s now guaranteed to finish in the top 20 four consecutive years. His title year was 2008. Currently, he ranks 5th on the All-Time Average Place list.

Angela Penney (WHAC), also of Kalamazoo, Michigan, is the other former champion with a chance to win the greatest prize in spectator sports twice. Penney won the championship in 2006 with 113 points—the same total she has currently. 2006 was also the other year of the big upsets, with George Mason advancing to the Final Four. That year, not one player in the Chippens tournament picked the right champion. If that happens again this year, Penney will win again. She needs Butler to win the championship for her to win as well. Penney has competed in the tournament every year since 2002. Since 2005, her average place is 37.8.