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I saw BMac on Wednesday. “I think you’re out of it,” I said.


“I think everyone’s out of it,” he replied.


He was right—almost. Although no one had Butler or VCU in the Final Four, a few players are still in the hunt for a championship, and today’s game featuring Kentucky against UConn has major implications for the four people still vying to win it all. Each of the four players left—Amwau (Amy Boven), Hot T. (Tara Peterson), Double A. (Aaron Atchinson), and Jeffrey T. (Jeff Marlin)—needs either Kentucky or UConn to win in order to stay alive.


Here is our own version of the Final Four.


Amwau: The rookie player from Kalamazoo, Mich. needs UConn to win it all for her to walk away with the Grand Prize. Earlier in the tournament, I reported that Amy had been sharing some careless whispers with the Almighty. You can bet she’ll watch today’s game on her Pilates pad in the half lotus.


Hot T.: Hot T. just happens to work with Amy at an athletic club in Kalamazoo. By “work with” I mean Amy is her boss. And by “boss” I mean, well, boss. Thus, there could be some awkward moments at work Tuesday if Hot T. wins. There could be even more awkward moments if Hot T. wears the Grand Prize t-shirt to work, which I suspect she would. Hot T. is in her third year of Chippens competition. Her first year she finished 60th. Last year she finished 21st. If Kentucky wins it all, this year she’ll finish 1st.


Double A: Aaron Atchinson from Alma, Mich. will also be rooting for Kentucky today, but in order to hold off Hot T., he needs either Butler or VCU to beat them in the championship. If they do, he wins. Double A is getting his Five Year Ring this year, meaning he is now eligible for the All-Time Average Place list. He’s finished twice in the forties and twice in the twenties, but a first place finish could move him onto the record board. I know he’d love to parade around Alma in the Grand Prize t-shirt, and getting onto the record board would make that victory all the sweeter.


Jeffrey T.: This is Jeff Marlin’s third year in the tournament and his second consecutive tip to the Chippens Final Four. The Howell, Mich. resident needs UConn to win today and then lose on Monday to either VCU or Butler. In last year’s Final Four, Marlin needed Michigan State to win the championship. The Spartans let him down, and he fell to 8th place. We’ll see if the Huskies treat him better this year.


Although these are the only players who still have a chance at the championship, many more have a chance at the 2nd and 3rd place prizes. You can see where you’ll finish based on the results of this weekend’s games be going to Tournament Scenarios.