2011 Chippens NCAA Challenge  
Powered by Turbo Tourney 2011

1st round: 1
2nd round: 3
3rd round: 5
4th round: 10
5th round: 15
champion: 25


Ties will be broken whenever possible during the tournament.

1st Tie-breaker: Pick Percentage
2nd Tie-breaker: Most teams in final 16
3rd Tie-breaker: Total points in final game

Underdog Scoring:

To get points for Underdog Scoring a player must correctly pick a team to win a certain game as an underdog AND that team must win the game as an underdog (regardless of who they play). Points are then awarded based on round points.

Example: Jerry picks Michigan (#10 seed) over Oklahoma (#2 seed) in a 2nd Round game. If Michigan wins, Jerry gets 2 additional points.

Underdog points per round:

First round: 1
All additional rounds: 2