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Natethegreat Hoping To Avoid Precedent


One In A Quintillion


Those of you who have visited the great city of Madison, Wisc., know that one of the popular beverages here is a beer called Hopalicious. Today, Badger Hoopla (Blake Roter), a Madison resident, was truly hoopla-licious as his bracket stayed unblemished until Harvard upset New Mexico. Roter, who currently serves as the law clerk for the chief justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, picked 15 of 16 games correctly on the first day of competition. That makes him a threat to beat Jon Charak’s (I have not watched 1 game this year) record of 29 victories through the first 32 games, which he set in 2009. No other player has ever recorded more than 27.


But despite this impressive performance, Roter only gets to sit in first place by virtue of the first tie-breaker, pick percentage. GG20 (Garrett Gibbons) also has 18 points. Gibbons is a former standout college basketball player, so he knows the pressures of March Madness. Gibbons got a big boost from being one of only four players to pick Harvard to upset New Mexico.


The other three players to pick Harvard were Henry, j brizzy, and PoliticalGrrl. Henry (Henry Sauer) is a rookie from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and j brizzy (Jeff Brillhart) is in his fourth year of competition. After a solid first year in which he finished 33rd, Brillhart finished in the 70s the next two years. However, as the son of Uncle Leo (Lifeguard Leo), you know he has good genes. This could be his breakout year.


As for the fourth player to pick Harvard, PoliticalGrrl (Stephanie Hilton), you may remember her from the Tournament Preview. Yes, she is the big nerd. Well, the nerds certainly came through for her today. Moreover, Stephanie is the only player with Harvard in the Sweet 16, so she will need one more big win from her nerd brethren.


Natethregreat (Nathan Corwin-Shah), one of our mighty Pee Wees, sits in third place with 17 points. The fifth-grader from Bloomington, Ill. is already a seasoned veteran despite being only 11-years-old. His rookie year was 2007. But this year he’s hoping history won’t repeat itself, for he’s found himself in a similar spot in the past. Last year, he was winning after Day One, but in a tragic twist of events ended the tournament in dead last.


Natethegreat’s mother is at the complete opposite end of the standings. Pita (Lisa Corwin) is tied with tmuelli in 110th place after earning only seven points. Their family split is mirrored by B Mac (Brian McCall) and quintillion (Lauren McCall), a husband and wife pair from Madison. B Mac had a perfect bracket going until Cal upset UNLV. He’s currently sitting in 8th place. Quintillion, on the other hand, is all alone in 112th. B Mac and quintillion are both math teachers and, apparently, “quintillion” is a reference to the chances of picking a perfect bracket. Right now, quintillion may feel like that is also her chances of winning the tournament. But she should not despair! As one of only two players to pick Wisconsin to win it all, she still has somewhat better than one in a quintillion chance to win.


Good luck to all in Day Two! Friday brings a number of intriguing matchups. Check out the Tournament Results report to see who picked which teams. Just click the pencil icon next to each matchup. This is a very helpful tool to let you know how much impact each game will have on the standings.



Starting on Day Two you’ll see a Mover/Loser column to the left of your name in the Current Standings. That reflects how many places you’ve moved up or down since the day before, not since the last game.