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Ay Oh Whey Oh! ‘Egyptian’ Day Three Chart Topper


Hogger Rises Out Of The Slop


Baby Needs Blue To Deliver


M Is For Michigan


Key wins from West Virginia, Butler, Xavier, and Purdue earned Walk like an Egyptian (Susu Willis) enough baksheesh to prevail as the Day Three leader.


As mentioned in the Tournament Preview, the last time we saw Susu in the Challenge was 2011. The question was posed whether the long absence would prove helpful or detrimental to Susu. I think we have the answer: She’s come out of her tomb incredibly well-preserved.  


To keep from crumbling into ruin, however, Willis will need a couple big upsets on Sunday: Michigan State over Kansas and South Carolina over Duke. Susu is one of just four players with South Carolina and one of 11 with the Spartans.


Speaking of upsets, congratulations to the 10 players who correctly picked Wisconsin over Villanova. The big win proved especially valuable for Hogger, who jumped an amazing 92 spots all the way up to 14th place. Hogger ended Saturday with seven wins. No other player had more than six.  


Hogger only has one upset pick Sunday, but it’s a big one: Michigan State over Kansas. And the Spartans can’t stop there. Hogger is the only player in the tournament who picked Michigan State to win it all.


Sunday’s biggest game is the first one on the schedule, Louisville vs. Michigan. Forty-one players picked Michigan to get the upset, while 71 picked Louisville to prevail.


Three players in the top 10 have Michigan: Baby’s is coming, M, and Stump. Baby takes the lead if Michigan wins.


A Michigan victory would put M just one point off the lead in second place. As mentioned in the Tournament Preview, M is a “legacy” player as the granddaughter of Chippens icon Pure Misery.


From a look at her bracket, by Sunday night the rookie could be the Vegas favorite to win the championship. She’s currently ranked second in the projected standings behind Hogger. But, unlike Hogger, she did not pick Michigan State to win it all.


Her only weakness appears to be the third tie-breaker (total points in final game). If it came down to that, she’d have to hope for a low-scoring game. She predicted the teams would only score a combined five points.