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Pita Pockets Day Three


Mueller . . . Mueller . . . Mueller


Gibbons Plus 70


Chidi vs. Carat


Pita (Lisa Corwin) took over the leaderboard Saturday on the strength of an 8-for-8 performance, one of only two players in the field to win every game.


It appears Saturday was a day of destiny—or divine intervention—for Pita. She started out the day of games cheering for Loyola because she’s fond of Loyola’s 98-year-old Sister Jean, and she finished by celebrating Michigan’s last second Hail Mary victory.


But even before the first tip-off Saturday, Pita (which is an acronym for Pain In The Area above the hamstrings and below the waist) got a sign from the basketball gods that it was going to be her day.


Out of state on a business-turned-pleasure trip, Pita walked on to the elevator in her hotel and met none other than Detroit Pistons Bad Boy Rick Mahorn. Pita (who is of a slightly older vintage) grew up worshiping the Pistons of the Bad Boys era.  


In a press release she issued to Chippens Saturday evening on her own initiative, Pita—perhaps slightly “under the influence” at the time—gave all the credit for her first place showing to her “idol” Mahorn and their chance encounter. “It’s all due to him,” she said. “I knew when I saw Rick Mahorn that this was my day. Thank you Rick Mahorn!”


Whether Pita can turn one day of luck into lasting glory is still an open question. Now in her 14th Chippens season, Pita has not lately been able to match her early career form.


In six seasons from 2005 through 2010, Pita finished out of the top 20 just once and finished in the top ten three times. But in the seven seasons since she’s struggled, only getting one top 20 finish. Her bracket is still relatively healthy but heavy on favorites. No more help from Sister Jean. 


Ferris Mueller is the other player who scored a perfect Saturday. He jumped 48 spots all the way to 7th place. Now in his ninth year, Mueller is coming off back-to-back Century Club performances.


This could be his year, however, to finally get away with the big one. He only has a chance for five wins today, but his Elite 8 is 100% intact. His pick of Kentucky into the Final Four looks stronger every day.


Garrett Gibbons (ggibbons) was Saturday’s biggest mover. He rose 70 places on the strength of seven wins, including upset pick Loyola. To keep moving up he needs another big upset victory Sunday—he is one of just 11 players with Butler over Purdue. Those five points would move him all the way up to the top five.


There are several one-sided games on the schedule Sunday. Two players have Marshall, five have Texas A&M, four have Florida State, three have Syracuse, and seven have Nevada.


One game that has the same number of players on each side is UMBC vs. Kansas State. Chidi Anagonye has UMBC and Carat has Kansas State. That’s it. So one of those two will get some much-needed points while everyone else just watches.


Good luck today!