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We are down to the Final Four—four teams and four fearsome Chippens competitors vying for the title.


As it stands now, Det. Jake Peralta is back in the lead. Of the eight possible scenarios remaining, Peralta wins with four: Auburn over Texas Tech, Texas Tech over Auburn, Virginia over Texas Tech, or Texas Tech over Virginia. Thanks to building a big lead, he’s one of two players who can win based just on what happens Saturday night. But he can also be eliminated on Saturday. If Michigan State wins one more game, he’s out.   


A Michigan State win Saturday night will be good for ImSly (Tiffany Sly). If the Spartans and Auburn meet in the final Monday night, she wins no matter what, just edging out MrsJT by a point and The Breeze by two. Sly jumped to the front of the Spartan pack on 12 points from Texas Tech’s upset win. She is in her fourth year of competition, with her best finish being 49th place in 2017. Sly’s coworker Coach K Does NOT look like a rat! is pulling hard for Sly, a former cake decorator and one of the main treat suppliers of the office’s break room. “Lemon bars,” he said, already thinking of his wish list for the office celebration. 


The remaining two players with a shot to win need all three games to go their way. If Virginia beat Michigan State next Monday night, huskerrobb (Robb Perkins) will be taking the Grand Prize T-Shirt back to Nebraska. Perkins is now in his seventh Chippens season, with his best finish being 7th place in 2015. A two-time member of the Century Club (2013, 2017), Perkins ranks 90th on the All-Time Average Place list. A first place finish would move him all the way up to … around 75th.  


And last but certainly not least, the peerless SYD DESTROYER will win if Michigan State beats Virginia. Although she’s just a high school sophomore, DESTROYER is already in her seventh season. She finished third in 2014 as a 10-year-old, the youngest player ever to win some Chippens hardware. It hasn’t been all top finishes for the young picks prodigy though—more like all or nothing. Four finishes at 91st or worse have SYD currently ranked 97th all time, right in there with Felton Howard, Chez, and Polar Vortex (not exactly players you want to go to for help with your picks homework).


How will you finish? You can tell by going to Tournament Scenarios, which will show your final spot in the standings based on each remaining possible outcome. Good luck!