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AK Saves Lead


Making It Count


Sister Jean Spanks Senor Wences


Battle Heats Up For Tic-Tac Milkshake


In a day defined by upsets that benefited few players, AK was able to win just enough to retain the lead heading into Monday. He only won three of the eight games—but no one else in the tournament won more than four. A stalwart goalie on the hockey rink, AK knows one way to keep a lead is to stop the other team from scoring.  


Unlike Sunday’s slate, the games Monday have the potential to shake up the standings as more points are on the line with many of the top seeds still active and many games with lots of players on each side.  


The player who hopes to top the leaderboard Monday night will have to “make it count”—and, as it happens, one player well-positioned to do just that is Make it Count.


Make it Count, f/k/a El Jefe of Hagstrom Lane, is currently in second place and has the potential to be counting up many big points come Monday night. His picks of USC, Colorado, UCLA, and Maryland are worth 20 points in total. That tally would give him a top-of-the-cabinet lead—hard to reach for the other players.   


The Count of Monte Cadillac, as I’ll call him, could use a good tournament. Now in his 9th year, he’s never finished better than 36th—lagging the successes of his mischievous spawn (theRabbit, three top 10s), spunky spouse (The Breeze, two top 25s), delightful daughter-in-law (Mrs JT, three top 20s), and big-timer brother-in-law (Con Man, 23rd twice in only three seasons).


A “good tournament” may seem hopeless now to the many players who were dealt a blow Sunday by Sister Jean and her mustachioed miracle workers upsetting #1 seed Illinois.


One such player was Senor Wences, a “lapsed” Catholic who tempted fate by boldly predicting an Illinois romp.


“Illinois by 11,” he said before the game, followed by some scandalous comments about a bitter Sister Jean “whipping the refs with her rosary.”


Later, Senor Wences was consumed with a familiar, if haunting, guilt. He blamed only himself for the Illinois loss. “I think it was because I said those horrible things about Sister Jean,” he said. “I was doomed to suffer a form of ‘mortification of the flesh.’”


The remorse came in wave after wave.


“Blew up my own bracket,” he said. “Hoisted on my own petard!!!” 


While Senor Wences was self-flagellating, the Loyola win ignited a battle within a battle for a prized Chippens trophy.  


I’m talking of course about the “Battle For The Tic Tac Milkshake” between Meganmonster, PackAttack, hvporter, and Brackie.


These four fearsome Chippens competitors go to war with each other every year for the rights to a Tic Tac Milkshake. Sounds disgusting, but I guess bragging rights are better with fresh breath.


These competitors all have impressive Chippens resumes, with multiple top 5, top 10, and top 20 finishes between the four of them. PackAttack was the runner-up in 2010. Three of the four were smart enough to pick Loyola Chicago.


Currently, Meganmonster is ahead, having climbed 43 spots Sunday to 6th place. Brackie is not far behind in 10th, just one point back. Hvporter jumped 40 spots to 29th. PackAttack jumped 62 spots to 43rd.


All four players still have multiple avenues to not only claim the Milkshake, but perhaps even the Grand Prize T-Shirt to wear while drinking it.     


Good luck to all!