Slinger Humdinger!


Blizzard T. Husky


PAWWWL Leads Group of Pros


Three Hope For Spider Success


Slinger (M. Thompson) continued to lead the 2022 Chippens Tournament Challenge after Day Two of competition. Still in Vegas and no doubt fueled by a rush of endorphins contemplating his upcoming three-day Hoover Dam Hydrology Tour with the Mormon Architecture Club of Greater Salt Lake (according to his spokesman, this time reading from the back of a glitter-stained Cheetah’s napkin), Slinger slingshotted back in the lead after Michigan State and Iowa State held on for victories.


Slinger, who received this nickname from his dominance on the cornhole court, has a big vulnerability in that he picked Iowa into the finals, but he is one of only 23 players with St. Mary’s over UCLA this afternoon. Looking later into the tourney, Slinger will need to hole it with Purdue. He is one of four players who picked the Boilermakers to win it all.  


Right behind Slinger lurks all-around Chippens legend Blizzard T. Husky (N. Schultz). The 2009 Champion and 2006 runner-up climbed 22 spots on Friday. Young Blizzard just always has a knack for finding his way near the top of the leaderboard at some point. Husky has an all Big Ten Final Four (could happen! … I guess) but before we get that far he’s one of just 12 players predicting a big upset in Saturday’s first game: North Carolina over Baylor. Those five points would put Blizzard in the lead.  


Robjd3 (R. DuPrau) is in third place, just one point back. The 10-year veteran finished fourth last year, just one spot out of the prizes. His bracket is still fairly well-intact, and he is one of just four players with Tennessee winning it all.


Rounding out the top 10, PAWWWL (legendary Miami playboy P. Wash) leads our friend Silver Lake Hero and then a group of grizzled vets whose names you’ll see all over the Chippens record books: Juwan’s Right Hook, Bone (3rd highest single season point total), Stumper (2008 Champion, 3rd place 2015, 8th all time average place), Down, not out (four top 20 finishes, 9th in all-time pick percentage, 6th all-time lifetime points, only player in Chippens history to notch a perfect Final Four, a perfect Elite Eight, and 15/16 in Sweet 16), Barrel Aged Ginger Soda Pop (#1 all-time average place, #1 average points per tournament, 8th lifetime points, four top 10 finishes), and Mrs. Mouse (2016 Champion, 7th highest single season point total)


A little farther down, look out for Let’sGoZips (D. Dawson). He’s one of just three players who picked Richmond into the Sweet 16, along with MonsterTruc and The Unimpeachable Mikey T. Zips is one of only a few players left who still has an Elite 8 perfectly intact, as he also picked Kentucky to lose in the second round. One the other end of that game, watch out for the 21 players who picked Providence that will ascend up the standings with a Friars victory.


Finally, if you tried to check the leaderboard last night, there was a disruption in service because the Chippens web hosting company decided it would be a great time to unplug their servers and do maintenance. Everything is back up and running now and no further disruptions are expected. Good luck!