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-Day 4 Recap-

Señor Wences Wins the Weekend; 55 Can Still Triumph

Señor Wences gets to bathe in the glory of being the current Chippens NCAA Tournament Challenge leader for a whole three days before games begin again this Thursday. The veteran ran the table both Saturday and Sunday, getting every single Sweet 16 pick correct; it was enough to put him one point ahead of his son-in-law, the_raj, who is all alone in second place. Cotter and Adam Lombard are in third and fourth, respectively, while  Friday’s winner, Momma Mia, is in fifth. Saturday’s winner, Stumper, dropped 13 spots to 14th. The PolishPrince Piotr Dabrowski and Lisa Corwin also each have 74 points, putting them only one correct pick away from the lead (third round games are worth five points). 

Wences, aka Charles D. Corwin, is currently in the south Caribbean Sea’s island paradise of Oranjestad, Aruba, where he’s called the Aruban Ayatollah due to his impressive knowledge of the hotel pool’s ethics regarding how long one can reasonably put a towel on a beach chair and expect it to remain saved.

He was reached via Skype on Sunday evening after the standings had been posted, and he could hardly contain his joy.

“I want some ink,” he said. “I’ve had to listen to (Momma Mia, his wife) for three days.”

Wences shouldn’t get too comfortable at the top, however, because according to the Player Scenarios, which were posted Sunday evening, 55 players still have a shot to win the title, and only four players are completely eliminated from the prizes (top three places).

Player Scenarios calculate your best and worst possible finish in terms of place and points. The report also tells you which team to root for and how many scenarios exist that will produce your best possible finish. Obviously, those with the most favorable scenarios have the best mathematical chance of doing well. For example, Señor Wences has 2,200 combinations out of a possible 32,768 that will result in him winning. That is better than having only 129 possible combinations, which is what Man of Achievement has. However, keep in mind that the report gives every team an equal chance of winning; it doesn’t factor in the odds of a certain combination actually happening.

Those of you far down in the standings should not despair. Just one Sweet 16 game is worth five first round games. Only 18 points separate 1st place from 60th—that’s just three games in the next round.