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Scrapbook Girl Makes A Lasting Memory


Jungle Cat Pounces


Beware Of Stumper


The Ole Miss Six


Scrapbook Girl (Malika Kelly of Normal, Ill.) and the Wichita St. Shockers wonÕt soon forget the barrage of late threes that took out #1 seed Gonzaga on Saturday. For Scrapbook Girl, Wichita StateÕs upset victory meant five big points and the lead going into SundayÕs games. The scissors and glue enthusiast and hockey mom of three was one of just four players to correctly pick the Shockers over the Zags. She is the only player with Wichita State advancing to the Elite 8, and her seven other teams are still alive. Scrapbook Girl will likely be printing and clipping the results of her husband, AK-21 (Andy Kelly), as well. Mr. Kelly also had a promising day, moving up nine spots to 102nd place.  


Vikings to the Breslin! (Sean Smith), who named himself in honor of the mighty Cadillac Vikings, took over second place on the leaderboard. One of only 12 players to pick Oregon, he was also aided when Buzz Williams and the Marquette Golden Eagles completed a second-half comeback to knock out Butler (and crush the hopes of the 39 players whoÕd picked the Bulldogs). Smith is in his seventh year of competition. He finished fourth in 2008. His older brother, Jake, is the 2005 Champion, and IÕm sure Sean would like nothing more than to wear the Grand Prize T-Shirt to Thanksgiving this year.


The only player to correctly pick Oregon and Wichita State was none other than PoliticalGrrl (yes, her again), who moved into third place. Although Harvard let her down, she has stayed alive through not just picking upsets, but picking the right upsets. She has 10 upset points, which is three more than the next person, Vikings to the Breslin!, and at least four more than everybody else. But, in order to stay on top, sheÕs going to have to achieve a repeat performance tomorrow. She is one of just 14 players with Illinois and one of only 11 with Minnesota.


Sdsurfer (Robert Christensen) and jungle cat (Doni Jackson) were the other two players to pick Wichita State. Sdsurfer is hoping to ride a wave of North Carolina victories all the way to the Championship. He is the only player who picked the Tar Heels to win it all, and only four others even picked them beyond the Sweet 16.


Jungle cat is definitely back on the prowl. She moved up 56 spots to 13th place. The top half of her bracket is looking pretty rough, but everyone who picked Kansas to win still has to chase her tail.


But jungle cat wasnÕt the biggest mover of the day. That honor belongs to Stumper (Mike Stump), who surged 71 spots into 22nd place. The #1 ranked player seemed to be having an off year, but he got a big boost from Oregon and from being on the right side of Michigan/VCU and Marquette/Butler. His only team missing from the Elite 8 is Wisconsin.


Speaking of the Badgers, only six players have the team that beat them, Ole Miss, advancing to the Sweet 16. Nobody picked La Salle. That means Mish, Maya Pony Fun, So Adreian Payneful, pj, and The Bryman will doing the Rebel March on Sunday.