Sunday, March 14, 2010

The 10th Anniversary Tourney is here!

MAKE YOUR PICKS (BRACKETS ARE NOW POSTED! Deadline is Thursday, March 18 at noon EST.)

The 10th annual Chippens NCAA Tournament Challenge is set to begin! Entry is once again FREE, and there are three great prizes up for grabs for the top three finishers!

This year, the third place finisher will win a custom Chippens fridge magnet, and second place will win a custom Chippens bumper sticker.

The GRAND PRIZE for this year's tournament is a newly-designed, soon-to-be-collector's-item, soon-to-be-worth-many-million-pounds-at-a-Sotheby's-auction, custom Chippens t-shirt!



That's right, folks! This year's winner gets a vintage piece of Americana that is sure to impress your neighbors and in-laws as well as create an excellent addition to your Fourth of July wardrobe.

Complete Instructions:
  1. Enter your handle (nickname), location, valid e-mail address, and whether you are a Chippens rookie in the fields at the top of the page.
  2. Complete the ENTIRE bracket through the championship game. Scoring rules are listed at the top of the entry page.
  3. Select "E-mail Me A Copy" to receive a copy of your picks in your e-mail inbox. This is the only way you will receive confirmation of your picks.
  4. Add a comment for the webmaster if you wish.
  5. Submit your picks.
  6. If you want to change your picks, you have to either (a) complete a new set of picks using the exact same biographical information, i.e. your handle, city & state, and e-mail (your new picks will then replace your old picks) or (b) e-mail me by the deadline with specific changes you'd like to make.
E-mail me at chippens [at] yahoo [dot] com with questions. If you don't think I'll recognize your name, include something about the NCAA Challenge in the subject line or I'll think it's spam and delete it.

Other things to look at:
So, MAKE YOUR PICKS, and thanks for playing!


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